weekend, foot dr, and pool at nana's


We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. Like a previous post, I watch my friends lil man Jacob, on saturday morning. And the rest of the day we didn't do much. On Sunday we went to my parents house for dinner. They had set up the pool for Ethan to play in. They had filled it up with the hose in the morning hoping it would be warm by the time we got there. Well we ended up going early because Ethan wouldn't nap and he was being cranky. So we went to Nana and Papa's at around 11:30am. We got there and the pool was still quite cold. Ethan would not get in it. LOL My dad was carrying buckets of HOT water out to the pool from the kitchen sink. hehe

Ethan loved playing outside of the pool. It was funny.
FYI those swim shorts he has on ar 3-6 months....crazy huh? Skinny buns!
Ethan and Papa played for a while in the pool til his lips were blue and he was shaking. LOL It wasn't that cold, because I kept up the whole bucket thing.

Ethan had alot of fun in the pool. He loves splashing around.

I had my doctors appointment yesterday for my foot. My mom came over to watch Ethan while I went because he was still sleeping and I knew they would want to do x-rays and possibly an injection.
After leaving the doctors office I still feel like I have NO clue what is wrong with my foot and ankle.
All I have is a paper with a bunch of diagnosis' and a slip for physical therapy. UGH.
This is what she said....(I went for ankle pain and foot pain on the bottom of my foot just below my toes) well I have seen her for the ankle pain before and she gave me an injection, that was about 3 years ago. But I continue to have pain in my ankle. She offered to do an injection in a different spot of my ankle then last time. I declined it because I was too scared...I know I am a chicken...BUT the whole thought of a needle going into my ankle was NOT my idea of fun! Plus the last time she did it, my ankle was swollen and bruised for the next 3 days after. She decided to do physical therapy.
As for the bottom of my foot....she diagnosed it as Metatarsalgia, a form of neuralgia, is an inflammation of the nerve that runs between the third and the fourth metatarsal (foot) bones. Metatarsalgia is caused by the compression of a small toe nerve between two displaced metatarsal bones. Inflammation occurs when the head of one displaced metatarsal bone presses against another and they catch the nerve between them. With every step, the nerve is pushed together by the bones and then rubbed, pressed again, and irritated without relief. Consequently, the surrounding nerve tissue becomes enlarged, with a sheath of scar tissue that forms to protect the nerve fibers.
Metatarsalgia really covers a group of foot disorders. The classic symptom is pain in the front (ball) of the foot. Many people say that it is "like walking on pebbles," but x-rays usually show nothing irregular.
The problem affects males and females from adolescents to older adults. It is most common in middle-aged women. Little to much info for ya I know....but it is painful.
Not only do I have that but I have Laxity in my Joints....which I have ALWAYS had (I was born with it)....just now causing me problems. Joint laxity, familial: A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by loose joints. Joint dislocations tend to occur mainly in the shoulders, hips and kneecap. How fun does that sound. Well in the past month I have fallen 2 times....and have injured my knee and ankle. Not to mention years ago falling several times a month.
Then she goes on to say how it all could have something to do with an imbalance in my body...
What causes loose joints? Connective tissue proteins like collagen may not be properly formed, which diminishes the toughness of the joints. Loose joints can be a sign that there is an imbalance in your system. When you have an imbalance, you are susceptible to various diseases which can settle in weak areas of your body. You can check to see if there is an imbalance in your system.
SOOOOO....I left there really confused and what to do next. i have to schedule physical therapy. I have had this 3 years ago and it didn't help. She also mentioned I should start doing Yoga or Tai Chei, to help with balance. It would help me from not falling so much. She said if I fall this much now then it is only going to get worse as I get older. ARGH...I feel like an old lady.
I have read about a Ayurvedic physician. Does anyone know of one of these and what they do?
I took this Balance Analysis and it stated there was a significant imbalance that was detected in my system.
What are the Causes of my Imbalance?
Imbalance can occur when basic forces inside us are driven out of balance by stress, repressed emotions, inappropriate diet or lifestyle, insufficient rest, environmental toxins, climate or seasonal changes.
I can't disagree with this.....
I just need to know how to fix all this. I want to be healthy....I don't want to hurt....I want to be able to change.
Okay enough of my issues.
I hope everyone is have a good week.
I look forward to the weekend....we have a very busy one ahead of us.


Sarah said...

I am sorry you are having foot/ankle issues. I hope it gets better for you soon!

Shamay said...

I'm laughing so hard about the pool! Good job papa! Actually we do the SAME thing with our little kiddie pool. They beg to get in the pool but we have to bring bucket after bucket from the utility room to warm the thing up or the kids will have none of it!

I hope they work out a solution for your foot and ankle. Jeremy seems to have weak ankles too. Maybe it runs in the family.

I once had a 10 inch (literally) needle guided through my hip bones by a live x-ray feed and placed precisely between the ball and socket for an extremely painful cortisone shot. Oh man, that was so much less than fun. Didn't work either, but since I was in the AF at the time, I had little choice in the matter.

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