Bronchitis is not fun...


Last Saturday I got home really later from the wedding I did in Midland. I got to bed at about 1am. Sunday I woke up with a sore throat. I hate being sick. I kind of knew it was coming because 2 other ladies at my work were sick. As the week goes by I keep getting worse. Losing my voice (I sounds like a man, or a someone with a frog in their throat), just feeling lousy, and a dry cough. Thursday I go to work and I just felt horrible, I can't believe I made it thru the day. I had a photo shoot that night and by the end of that my voice was barely hearable (is that a word?). I had my dad listen to my chest on Thursday moring, and he didn't hear any wheezing or crackles or anything. I thought good, it hasn't gone to my chest. I wake up on Friday morning and I am wheezing and coughing alot. I wanted to be able to get that stuff out of my chest but I just couldn't cough anything up. (this is great details huh?) I called into work because I felt horrible and again could barely talk. I have to wait til 9am to call my dr. I call them and they want me to come in, of course. It wasn't going to be with my Dr. it was going to be with the P.A., which is fine, except I really didn't care for this one. Oh well I have to be seen I guess. I get there and she spends like 5 minutes in the room and tells me to use this inhalor and it is viral. When she listened to my lungs she says, "Oh you are full of all kinds of noises" LOL Yeah I know that's why I am here. I have never had this type of things before so it was really weird to hear my self sounding like that, breathing wise. Well in the car I look at the checkout sheet you get and it has a diagnosis of Asthmatic Bronchitis on it. She never once mentioned anything like that while I was in the room. All she said was " This DOES NOT mean you have asthma." Well DUH I know that. I am not dumb.
She gives me this coupon for a free inhaler because she didn't have any free samples left in her office. I go to Target to use their pharmacy and after waiting about an hour they say this coupon is expired. ARGH!!! If I wanted to pay for the Rx it would be $40.00. I said Oh No I can't do that....because I was already spending $50 for other prescriptions. I called my dr and asked about what to do. She said I could come and get another coupon for a different type of inhaler. So I drive all the way back to the office and pick that up. In the meantime my dad had a hand held nebulizer machine that I can use with Albuterol. So i pick up some of that medicine from his office and then go head to my moms to get the machine. The nebulizer machine works faster and more effectively then the inhaler does. I wanted to use it for the weekend and then use the inhaler thru the week next week. I pick up the machine and stop by the pharmacy on my way home. Give them the coupon and they tell me they can use it because I already filled something of the similar already. WHAT? Are you kidding me? I just need the inhaler so I can breath. Please help me out here?!?!?!??! I tell him the whole situation and he calls the insurance company and Target to get it all straightened out. I finally get the inhaler I need. It sure was a long day for just an inhaler.
I get home and use the neb. machine and it works great. I can breath and I sort of have a normal voice (well not really) LOL. Just before bed I have this HUGE coughing attack....I couldn't stop coughing. I drank water, I tried everything, I even took Nyquil like 15 minutes before that. I finally took a Cepacol cough drop and that helped. I slept pretty good and I wake up this morning and my throat is killing me. And I am coughing alot more then I was before. Argh, I seirously think I have pulled a muscle in my neck from coughing so much.
This is horrible feeling and I don't wish this upon anyone. I am really hoping and praying this goes away soon and Josh and Ethan DO NOT get it. Please God do not let them get this.
I haven't felt like doing anything tired.
I am off to do another Neb. Treatment. Maybe that will help this uncotrollable coughing.
I am so upset I am going to miss Jacob's 2nd birthday party. I don't want to expose anyone else to this nasty virus I have. Josh and Ethan are going to go without me. I am sorry you guys I want to come but I just can't. I hope you all have fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!! Enjoy your day!
Ethan is napping and Josh is at the store and he also went to my parents to let Ripley out, they are gone for a big part of the day and the doggy can't hold it...LOL Thanks babe for doing that.

Until next time~


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