Weekend in Review 10 on Tuesday!!


1. Friday night, I went to my friend Mindy's for the boys to play together. During the day I had asked her to stop and pick up Ethan's Halloween custume at Babies R Us. She drives right by it on her way home. I was so excited that she would do it fo rme and save me a trip. Thanks so much Mindy!! I absoulutely had to HAVE this costume. I had found it on Lyndsay's blog, she got one for her son Teagan...it is sooo adorable as well as lil Teagan. I will have to take pictures of Ethan in it soon so you can see how adorable he is in it.

Wedding 9.20.08
2. Saturday, was my 2nd wedding shoot with Christie. It was in Midland about 2 or so hours away. I left about 9:45 because I wanted to go get my camera cleaned beforehand. The wedding went really well. I am excited about the images I got. And th bride and groom and the bridal party was great to work with. So fun....here is one lil peek of the day....I will blog more about it later in the week! She was a gorgeous bride...and how about those flowers. So pretty!

3. I got home really late on Satruday night....I was sooo tired...I should not have drove home. But ya know sometimes how you just really wanna go home. It was late and I was tried so I drove home. My feet were killing me....I actually took off my shoes at the recepetion. No one even noticed because I had black pants and blacks socks on...lol....But when I got home and took off my socks...it looked like there was a golf ball on my ankle....It was soo swollen I couldn't believe it. Just one ankle my left. I have problems with it anyways, but I didn't think it would do that. It was totally because of the shoes I chose to wear. Those will NOT be in my selection for the next wedding that is for sure.

4. Josh and Ethan went to the John Ball Park Zoo while I was away. They had lots of fun. Even tho some of the animals weren't there....it was still fun. Josh said Ethan had the most fun in the aquarium part. We really should have gotten there sooner this summer. There is always next summer.

5. Sunday I woke up with a terrible sore throat and raspy voice. Oh I felt terrible. I hate being sick....and just other day I was thankful that I hadn't been sick in a long time. We that bit me in the butt didn't it. I have a dry cough that is really annoying. Feels like there is something scratching my throat. Please go away soon.

6. I did get anough strength to make Enchilada's last night for dinner tho. Oh those are so yummy. Mom's recipe....love them. I always make more then we need for left overs.

I didn't do it!7. Ethan's BFF, Jacob, his birthday is on Wednesday and he will be 2 yrs old....can you believe it? I can't. And soon he will be a big brother....well in January. Jacob is having is birthday party on Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!!

8. As I said before I am stilling planning Ethan's party. I think I have the cake all set. I just need to make his invitations now. I actually need to get some pictures for it first....if he will let me.

9. So after reading my friends Sarah's blog about getting back into the gym and after seeing the Biggest Loser Premier....I made a promise to myself that I would start getting back into the gym if you would. (The gym is in my spare bedroom, It has an elliptical and a BoFlex) I started that Monday night. Did well. Easier then I thought it would be...Now I just need to go longer without the severe pain in my legs. LOL

10. I can not believe September is almost over. Monday was the official first day of Fall!!! YAAHOOOO! How exciting. I truely love fall. I can't wait to get out the sweaters and sweatshirts and all the comfy clothes.


Christina said...

Hi! I saw that costume too. Loved it but now I have to be economical and use hand me downs so no monster for me!

I wanted to ask you how you came across Lindsay's blog? You're not on the Nest Photoboard are you? That's how I found out about her. Just curious. Kinda a small world thing you know?

jaime pott photography said...

Hi Christina, Thanks for visiting.

I met Lyndsay about 2 years ago on Two Peas in a Bucket website. It is a small world. Who could NOT love Lyndsay and her fam. hehehe I feel like I know them personally. Love reading her blog. She has fantastic ideas!

Sarah said...

Good for you about the gym--yuck, it's never fun! I can't believe it's fall already, but I love fall too. Must be because we're November babies!

Etsy Love!

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