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Ethan loves his bath time. He is so cute in the tub. I like when he gets on his belly and tries to swim. He also likes his Boon frog toy holder. And frankly so do I. That is the best thing ever....holds the toys, easy to pick up the toys and drains the water out. Nice huh?
bath time
bath time

Erbaviva Natural Organic Baby erbaviva - natural organic baby bath products...actually not just baby products, they also have products for moms and mommies-to-be. You know a also write over at SIMPLE....this is my review for the week...Go check it out. Fantastic stuff!!!

As far as me getting better....well it could go faster. I still have a cough and get wheezy sometimes. I did take antibiotics last week to see if it would help.....well it did....I do feel 75% better then I did. I just have this cough still. It is very annoying. I am just glad that Ethan or Josh hasn't gotten anything.

This weekend we are going to a farm (I think), where they have a train and pumpkins to pick with my parents. This train ride will be great...I am hoping Ethan will like it alot. He is really into trains right now.

Oh yeah one more cute lil tidbit....Ethan does this things where he will run or walk and then stop in his tracks, put his arms out and stomp his foot and say TAH DAH!!! It is totally the cutest thing ever. I will have to video it to show ya....

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Rosjuane said...

I love the big ol frog!! OH Yeah you def. have to do a video I bet that is hilarious.

Jeanette said...

Love the frog, I've seen them here, but never realised they were that big

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