Look Alike??


Do you think they look alike? Shamay? I think soo...I know that is an older picture of Grayer.
When I saw this picture of Ehtan as I was downloading it to my computer, I thought WOW he looks alot like Grayer in this picture. You probably think I am crazy...but I see it. hehehe
who does he look like?


Drea said...

Hey thats ur camera strap! I just notice the booger in Ethans nose LOL.. SORRY! HAHAHA

jaime pott photography said...

yeah I know ethan's got a bugger...hehehehe

Jenn said...

seen one boog, seen em all...HEHE!

i believe they do resemble...a few of their features especially. =)

Jordan's Journaling said...

They look similar.
I didn't even notice a booger.

Shamay said...

OK, so I'm finally catching up on life after the end of September (crunch-time at work). I think it's the mouth and cheek area. We've always thought Grayer has his daddy's mouth. And thier coloring is similar too. Definitely cousins! And I have so many booger pictures - I don't even notice them anymore!

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