outside with ethan today....


huh?!?!?!I took Ethan outside today so he could just run around and play. We had been in the house all day long so I thought it would be fun. Plus I wanted to get some pictures of him in his new hat. (Which I will be doing a review on the beginning of November over at SIMPLE) How adorable is he???

citefuzz review
I love this 2nd picture. I actually got this shot by accident. I just held it off to the side and pressed the button....and look what I got....it is my favorite.

It as really nice outside today....an bit chilly, I would say in the 50s. but it felt good. There wasn't a need to winter coats yet....but I know that day is coming very soon.

what's that?

Not sure what he was pointing at....but his
question is always "What's that?" It is funny.

Josh mentions to me tonight that when he was at Big Lots today he saw a brand called Seventh Generation.....I said "WHAT? You did?" He of course didn't know what it was but I sure did....I said what products did they have in that brand? He said they had diapers and detergent. I asked him how much they were and he said it was $8 for the diapers and $5 for the detergent. I said you better back to Big Lots right now and get me some of that. hehehe For the diapers it is $15.99 at the Harvest Health and it is like $17.99 for the detergent. He comes home with 5 packs of diapers and 6 bottles of detergent...HAHAHAHA we are crazy....WHOO HOOO...

*Side note: I still use cloth diapers, but at night Ethan seems to go obsessive amounts and soaks thru the cloth in no time. So at night we use the disposibles. It helps most nights...but sometimes he even soaks thru those.*


Shamay said...

You know, after changing too many sheets in the morning, I started putting size 2T-3T nighttime pull ups on Maiya. (Not the regular, has to be night time). It worked like a charm! She rarely ever leaks through now, and man, that girl can fill a diaper at night time!

Drea said...

LOVEEE the heaven pic below.. but these pics are SOOO SOO Cute 2.. I love the textures and editing job you did... so beautiful.
And owww... I may go by abiglots! haha

AmberDenae said...

The pics are soo adorable!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments and prayers!!

Etsy Love!

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