10 on Tuesday!!!


marshall2bw1. I just wanted to say a HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my wonderful friend SARAH!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I miss you tons. I wish we talked more often. HUGS!! We will have to get together real soon!! Love ya girl

2. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to EMMA!!! Ethan and I are going to her Bounce Party tonight. Should be lots of fun!!!

3. Ethan is still testing me...I can't even talk about what happened on Friday night. Let's just say I was very very upset with Ethan....he made me sooo mad!! LOL

4. My birthday is next week Tuesday....I will be 31. I have the day off but have to go in to do CPR update. YAY fun!! lol

5. Ethan's birthday is on the 20th. I can't believe he will 2 yrs old.

6. On the 22nd is his party....I hope everyone can make it. It should be lots of fun....I just need to find stuff to put in goody bags...any suggestions? There is going to be lots of kids there.

7. Thanksgiving is coming soon....oh how I love the food at Thanksgiving. hehehe Not to mention giving thanks for alll the wonderful family and friends that I have.

8. I am writing this the night before and I really should be in bed because I have to be to work at 6:45am!!!


10. Yes that is me talking to myself...hahaha...plus I don't think I had 10 things right off the top of my head...so I thought the best thing to do would be to talk to myself.

~until next time


Sarah said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Jaime! They mean the world to me, really...I wish that we saw/talked more often too....I miss you!AFter all, you;ve known me since I was 3 or 4 years old, and now look, I'm freakin' 30!

We'll have to get together soon!

Mike, Shannon & Lilianna McAvoy said...

ok, i gotta know. what did he do friday night?

Sabrae said...

Yes inquiring minds NOW need to know what Ethan did to upset you! lol You can't leave us hanging like that! :) Happy B-day Sarah!!!!

jaime pott photography said...

Okay okay......

so friday night...wait alittle history...for a while now ethan had been giving me a hard time when it is time to leave to go somewhere...from anywhere.
I was at my friends house friday night and we were getting ready to leave. I am walking to the car with Ethan in my arms, as he is screaming throwing a fit not wanting to leave. Not to the car yet and smacks me in the eye with his hand....It actually kind of hurt because it was right on my eye. I proceeded to the car and started putting him in....still throwing his lil fit...he head butts me in the face...Oh man...I was livid at this point....almost ready to cry...

I contain myself and continue buckling him in. Meanwhile he is kicking his legs and being a brat..LOL...he kicks me in the face with his shoe...
Okay that's it...I just about totally lost. I truely wanted to 'beat' him right then and there. (I would never beat him, but I am sure you all have gotten really angry and have wanted to.) he pushed me over the edge and I was talking to myself about it the whole time. But I controlled myself and continued to buckle him in.
*I did tell him the 3 times after he hit me not to do it and so on and so on.*
With him still carrying on I get in the car and start to drive...I start crying because I have had it up to here with this hitting crap. I can't for the life of my understand why he does it. I ignored him all the way home. I was sooo upset. This is not the first time he has hit me....but it was the last straw.

SO that was my horrible friday night....sooo upset. It wasn't like I could do time out either...it is freezing outside.

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