10 on Tuesday!!!


1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! hehehe Today is my birthday and I am 31 years old. WOW...It really doesn't seem like I am that old. So I will just say it is 21...hahahha

2. Ethan's birthday is on Thursday...he will 2 years old. We have his football party on Saturday. =) It will be fun.

3. My friend Pam's birthday is on Saturday...she will be 31 as well....HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! Love ya!! HUGS

4. My nephew, Ayden's birthday is on the 24th and he will be 3 years old. =) His party is on Sunday. That should be fun. I have to get his gift tonight.

5. Ayden's mom's, Erin, birthday is on Thanksgiving. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN! How old is she? I am not 100% sure I am not going to even say...LOL

6. I know you are thinking that is alot of birthday's....it is..tons in November.

7. Dan, Mindy, and Jacob are coming over on Thursday to celebrate Ethan's birthday because they can't make it to in party on Saturday...it will be fun!!

8. I know you are thinking where are the pictures. I do have some but I am on Josh's laptop doing this...maybe I will add some in later. Sorry.

9. Thanksgiving is coming next week and I just love that day. I love being with family and having a great meal together. I am thankful for so many things....too many to list. =) But just know I am thankful for everything I have, everything that I am, and everything that I will be.

10. I am excited I have Thursday and Friday off... YAY!!!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to you...and a million other of your friends and family ;-D Birthdays seem to happen that way, don't they?!?!

Ditto on Thanksgiving. I'm already getting out my stretchy pants. I plan on eating a LOT! haha.

Drea said...

Happy Birthday! finally over the 30 bump.. :-)
Travis is still older than you. He will be 32 Dec 9th

Hugs to Ethan on his birthday. Sorry we live so far. We'd be there if we were closer!

Rosjuane said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

jaime pott photography said...

Thanks everyone....=) I do not feel 31 tho...so I guess that's good.

Shelley said...

HOW did I miss this sneaking up on me????? Hope you had a great day!!!!!

Etsy Love!

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