Baby P.....1 month old!


Baby P and her mom came over on Sunday to have some photos taken while she is still tiny. I also wanted to use a few new items I got. (Those will be featured on SIMPLE in the next few weeks.)
She was such a doll. Did very well for 1 month. I am finding 1 month is really hard stage to take photos. They don't sleep as much (which is okay), but you can't get those fresh newborn photos that I love. hehee
I am totally loving the ones we captured of her. Enjoy!
Baby P
Baby PBaby PBaby PBaby PBaby PBaby PBaby P


Shamay said...

What a gorgeous 1 - month old! Love the stocking you had her in. So precious! Can't wait till our session in December!

Bethany said...

Ooohh!! I love that fourth shot...the one with the baby looking up at her mama! How sweet is that?!!

Just thought I would get back to you on my PP from my post today. I ran Grandma's Tap Shoes {from Totally Rad 2} on all of them followed by Warm It Up, Kris (Totally Rad 1} on all of them. That was after I lightened them and did all the other work first!

You had me laughing out loud at all your comments! You are too funny!!

Hope you have a great week!!

Drea said...

OWW I love the cocoon and hat. My mom told me today that her friend Connie is making me a cocoon! And my mom has 3 pixie hats for me.. shes showing to me right now :-)

Chris, Carinn & Michaela said...

Such a bright eyed little cutie!

Etsy Love!

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