Christmas Swap Gift....


I got my gift the other day from my Christmas Swap partner.....SHELLEY!!!
I got home from work one day last week and I had a package waiting for me....I thought hmmm who is this from...I looked at it and it was from Shelley. I thought to myself what in the heck did she send me...and WHY? The I had a DUH moment....she was my swap person....I was so excited I could barely wait to open it. I knew it was going to be something gorgeous. I have seen her tree and her ornaments are just so pretty. I was NOT disappointed...that is for sure. I totally love them and put my tree up that night just so I could put them on there. I love them Shelley and they are perfect on my tree...Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!!!
These are NOT the best pictures in the world but you get the idea!!
This first ornament is my absolute favorite...It is so gorgeous and rich favorite kind!
Christmas Swap
I changed the theme of my tree this year alittle. I added some reds to it. It used to be just gold and greenish/gold color. So this went with it perfectly!
Christmas Swap
I just love this pretty!
Christmas Swap
And who doesn't love some good smelling Christmas candles?!?!? I totally love this smell. You can smell it without even burning it.
Christmas Swap
Thanks again so much Shelley. I love it all!!!


Drea said...

Pretty! I love the last pic w/ all that bokeh. None of my lenses give good bokeh.. thats why I really want that 85! Its so pretty on things like this.

4 Little Men and Twins said...

beautiful! Kind of makes me want to get my tree out now... hmmmm... hopefully soon. :)


Christina said...

These pictures are so pretty!

Etsy Love!

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