ethan and computers.....sick....cold and snow


Ethan is sooo into computers. He just always wants to be on ours. Josh has a laptop and I have a desktop. He is obsessed really....puters as he calls them.
Josh happened upon 3 very old laptops a while ago and so he got one of those out for Ethan to play with....oh he was just thrilled beyond belief. He couldn't get enough of it. We also got out one of our 50 million mouses that we have so he could use that. He thought it was the best thing!! He isn't going to hurt it sooo why not.
It was so cute to sit there and watch him at his lil desk typing away and playing with the mouse....looked like he really knew what he was doing!!
computer ethan
computer ethan
computer ethancomputer ethancomputer ethancomputer ethan
As for being sick.....I think it is going around. Ethan has had a runny nose for a couple weeks now. I wish that would go away. Wiping it every 5 minutes is a pain. Although he is doing really well with letting you!
Today I started with a scratchy throat and now it hurts...and I am getting congested...I can't believe I am getting sick again after the 5 weeks of bronchitis....why me??? I just hope it isn't bad. Plus I really didn't wanna be sick for Ethan's party....
oh and speaking of his party I found this really cool football is sooo will have to wait to see pictures.
And another thing...Ethan got this AWESOME package in the mail from Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Shamay. Oh it is sooo cool...Ethan LOVES it you guys. I will post pictures of that soon too. THANK YOU JEREMY AND SHAMAY!!! He totally loves it.
It is officially winter, Oh the cold weather hurts me. It is sooo cold now. It was like 27 degrees today. And not to mention it has snowed 3 times in the past week. Nothing is sticking around...but still....I am not sure I am ready for this snow!!!


Rosjuane said...

I love the computer pictures of him best!!

Christina said...

OH my gosh. Pete could be his partner in crime with the computer! That is a good idea to get him to learn the mouse. I'll have to try it..

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