Ethan's 2 yr WCC - birthday


Ethan's lil BFF, Jacob, was unable to make it to his party on Saturday. So Jacoband his mom and dad came over on the actual day of Ethan's birthday to celebrate with us. They had tons of fun!

Here are a few pictures from that. Thanks Dan, Mindy and Jacob for the fun present. Ethan loves it.


This toy is from is the Parents brand. So fun!! Except for the drum lol it can get annoying at times.


So what are the dads doing over here??? Hmmm MEN stuff...LOL If there are wires they will come!! ahhaha


Isn't Jacob so handsome...I love his eyes!!

How cute is this? Thanks Dan for helping Ethan open his gift. I thought this was precious!blog3
Again Thanks for coming over we had a great time!!
Moving on to Ethan's doctors appt. Things went well I think. I am sure many of you read my other post about my struggles. I brought those up to the doctor last week when we were there. My mom came with me because she watches him alot and knows. She did referred me to a specialist to see about the Sensory Integration. She doens't believe he has it, and the way she put it I don't think he does either. But I think she did it to put my mind at ease. I think we are going to put it off as he just isn't going to be a good eater EVER and he is 2 yrs old!! We will see what happens when we have the appointment.
Ethan showed her all of his little tricks he can do....(she always says he is the smartest 2 yr old in her practice...hehehe) He drew his circle for her and counted some. He can count 1 to 10...only when he wants to..LOL
He really is a smart little boy...just has his own little ways set.
It may be me that needs to change and just go along with what he is hard for me to do when I see other 2 year olds eating just about ANYTHING. But I realize not all kids are the same. As for the potty training she said to not even worry about it....I said OKAY!! I won't push it. I introduce it to him every now and then and that is it.
His stats are:
27lbs, 35 3/4 inches and 19 in head circum.
He is into 24 month clothes. He has always done really well with staying with his age size in clothes. It has always been right one. Well except in the summer time....he goes back a couple sizes to make them fit right!

How awesome is this???? I know not many of you think your child eating an apple is cool...for is...he ate jsut about the whole apple. This is progress people!!


Christina said...

I love that Parents music set. Except, the drumsticks can be used as weapons. They currently are sitting in a very high up place right now at our house..

Etsy Love!

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