Halloween Night...


Halloween 2008
We had a fun time Trick or Treating. We got him dressed about 6:30pm and just went outside...he was getting antsy. Not that he even knew what was going on.
I thought I would get some of him just outside playing...

Halloween 2008

He was so cute....His basket for Trick or Treating is his Easter basket. I got it earlier this year for Easter next year. I thought it kind of matched so we went with it....Plus I didn't buy him a Halloween one....which I will have to do for next year I am sure. The basket is from Pottery Barn Kids...I love it...It has his name embroidered on it.
Halloween 2008

I totally love this picture I captured of him...one of my favs so far. In his costume. Love his eyes.
i heart this one!!!

We were waiting for Jacob to come over....it was about 7pm when they came over to go Trick or Treating with us....They were so cute.

Halloween 2008

After Trick or Treating we got a few of the boys with some of our neighbors....they were all just adorable!!!

Halloween 2008

And how cute is this one....they are all looking at Jacob....so funny!


Andrea said...

Those are some really cute costumes! I love Ethan's little get up.

By the way, I got your Halloween card in the mail and LOVED it. So freakin cute! Thank you!

jaime pott photography said...

No problem....I thought they were cute...=) I totally loved Ethan's costume this year too....Thank you!

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