Getting weighed....7lbs...1oz...21in
I can't believe my baby is 2 yrs old now. 2 Yrs ago today I becme a Mother. Something I have always wanted. ANd now I have this precious little boy to love. He is so special I can't even put it into words. I just love him so much. Never thought you could love someone so much.
That day was a tough day. The birth and leading up to his birth did not go as I had planned. None of it. Which is okay...because I had a healthy child.

just minutes after ethan was born This picture was just minutes after having him. I know I look horrible...but what do you expect, I just had a baby...LOL
I was so tired because I had not slept at all the night before. I had ethan at 5:05pm. And then labored the whole night before and that day...I was tired.
Daddy holding his son

I love this picture of Ethan and Josh....such a special memory for me to see Josh holding him and so happy!

Hours old
My sweet precious boy....so innocent.
What happened? hahaha he grew up!
But I am glad to be able to remember these moments.

11 days old

I totally love this picture of him at 11 days old. I know his eyes look a little cross-eyed but I still think it is precious. The blanket he is on is one that my mom made out of that minky and has Pooh on the other side. It is soooo soft..I love it.

11 days old

Another sweet picture of him. I love looking back at all his baby pictures just to remember how small and sweet he was. I am glad that I have so many pictures to remember these precious days. (over 10,000 in his first year, rediculous I know)

2 months old

This is Ethan at 2 months old. I totally love his smile. Just makes your heart melt.
4 months old
He was always so bald. I loved it.

I love when he would grab his toes...just adorable.

6 months
He truely didn't like to sit in the grass at all...that's why he has that look. He was not happy...a second after this picture he was screaming. hehehe...Am I mean? He is 6 months old in this picture...=)
12 months
Then jumping to 12 months old....he looks like such a little man...crazy what 6 months can do!!
16 months

16 months old....growing so fast into a little man...by this time he had such a little personality...oh boy!!
23 monthsI can't believe he is 2
years old. I had to throw in this silly picture because that is how he is most of the time...silly. He has grown leaps and bounds....talking so much...and clear as day...he amazes me everyday.

Like today...he gets up to the kitchen table...we have a pub style table...so I helped him....we put his Bumbo seat on the chair so he can reach....he says.."I'm hungry!" I said "Okay, What would you like to eat?" Clear as day he says, "I want some cereal." I was like...okay I will get your cereal...it was sooo cute. I will have to show you the picture of him at the table...it is cute..I am thinking the high chair is out now.

eating at the table..

He is sooo darn cute. LOL...I know I always say that...but I am his mom I am allowed to.

I will post pictures from his party. It is on Saturday! Oh here is the invite...I thought it turned out cute!!

2nd birthday invite
2nd birthday invite
So after running down memory lane of his first 2 years of life....
We love you lots!!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to your little man!

And while 10,000 photos might be ridiculous to some, I can assure you I'll be the same way :)

Shelley said...


Tonya said...

they grow way too fast...loved seeing him grow in those beautifu images...

Rosjuane said...

Happy Birthday Eathan!!!!

Shannon Sparks said...

Hey girl.... Happy Birthday to Ethan. He is so cute!!! I wish I was there for his party- it looks like it will be a blast! The pics of him are incredible and adorable of course!

Jennifer said...

So cute! I love the invites!!

Etsy Love!

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