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I love helping people out. I feel good when I contribute to someone's personal goal. And you can too. Visit Be Thou a Knight and contribute a $1 or $10 or even $20...whatever amount you want. Lianna and her husband are trying to reach a goal of $10,000 to get IVF. Becomming a mother is a special thing...and if you want it you will do anything to get that. I pray that it happens for this couple. And if you can't donate any money then please put them in your prayers that they reach their goal!
I made it easy for you too if you just want to can go to the bottom of my blog and click on CHIP IN and it will take you right to it. Easy enough!


Lianna Knight said...


Thank you so VERY much for posting about our Chip-In. It really means a lot to us! Hopefully one day we'll have you take our baby pictures :)

Etsy Love!

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