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Lately, Ethan has really been into cars. He absolutely loves them. He is very serious when it comes to parking them and driving them. It is sooo cute. He has to line them up very straight....he will fix it if it isn't in line with the others...hmmmm wonder where he gets that from?
very serious about cars
He really isn't sad in this picture....it is kind of cute. He also loves this tractor that his Aunt Shamay and Uncle Jeremy and Grayer and Miaya got him. Shamay's grandfather made this. He loves it....THANK YOU. He loves to put his lil cars in the back of it and drive them around.
he really isn't sad....
Okay so this is Josh's crazy face.....he does this every so often and just cracks us up....sorry babe don't be too upset I put it on here....but I think it is cute.
silly face
I then told him to do a happy face...and this is what I got....so cute.
(Also you know Napoleon Dynamite...where the girl does glamour shots in her house and tells them to put there hand under there chin....that's what josh is doing...soo funny)
He's so cute!!


Andrea said...

Can you tell I'm going through all of your posts? LOL!

Your hubby is quite the cutie! ;)

jaime pott photography said...

hehehe Thanks for looking thru all my posts....=)

Etsy Love!

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