Me-Maw and G-Pa


Josh's parents came over for dinner a couple weekends ago. I wanted to get some pictures of them with Ethan because we don't really have any. I thought these were so cute. I love how he is kissing G-pa's cheek. So cute!
Josh's Parents with E
I really love this one....
Josh, Bruce and E
How cute are they? This is a great picture of you two!!!
Aren't they cute?
G-Pa and E.....I like this one too.
Bruce and E


Jenn said...

Especially love the last one and the expression on your sweet boy's face. too cute!

Rosjuane said...

They will really enjoy these!!

CissaLynn said...

Awwwww!!!! These are precious!!! You will have to make sure they get copies 'cause they will LOVE them!!!! :)) Also, I think your little guy looks a bit like G-pa!!!! :))

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