Our Chicago Trip....2008


Last weekend we went to Chicago with Josh's company. We took the train Saturday morning and came home Sunday night. It was a really long train ride...this was the first time I had actually even been on a train. Josh went last year with them...I stayed home...I didn't want to leave Ethan. Josh made me go this year. I am glad I did. It was really fun and nice to get away just the 2 of us. This was our room at the hotel we stayed. How gorgeous is it? It was sooo nice.
Our Room at the Talbot in Chicago.

At breakfast on Sunday morning
We found a back alley in between some stores and took a few pictures. I am really not pissed in this picture...hehehe He told me to have a serious face...I guess my serious face looks kind of mad. LOL
Me....really i am not pissed..hahahaha
Union Station where we first arrived. We then had to take a taxi to our hotel....I seriously thought we were going to get into an accident. I was really scared. LOL They drive like mainiacs(sp?). We survived the taxi ride...thank goodness.
union Station
I love these Brownstones....they are the coolest houses.
I love these style houses.....

More housesI thought this was cool

Just a view from downtown. I loved all the tall buildings.

I also realized that chicago is a HUGE city. And I realized that I am so not a city kind of girl....well not a big city like this. Growing up we used to live North of Chicago in Great Lakes when my father was in the Navy. I don't recall ever going to chicago growing up...but myabe I did. It is really overwhelming, rich, snobby and expensive. What did I expect tho...hahahaha We did alot of walking around the town tho...that was alot of fun. We went in several stores...and just laughed at prices. I was shocked at the mark up value of their clothing. Crazy I tell ya? Who would pay such prices...LOL Just shows I am not a 'BIG' city gal. I like the size of Grand Rapids....big enough for me.

tall buildings
We had a great time and I am so glad we were able to go. Josh's company is awesome!
This is the Original Pancake house...we went here for breakfast on Sunday morning. There was a HUGE line when we got there at like 9am. It was the most popular place to eat. We didn't have to wait too long in line...maybe 30 minutes. You can see Josh sitting down by the door..hehehe
The Original Panckae House


Lindsay said...

Great pics!!! I just love Chicago!!! I so want to go this year very soon! Where does your hubby work now?

Mike, Shannon & Lilianna McAvoy said...

okay...so that last comment was from me!! LOL!

jaime pott photography said...

LOL...I wondered who Lindsay was...hehehe he works at Broadway Systems downtown GR!

Andrea said...

Looks like a fun trip. I love Chicago! I keep forgetting it's only an hour drive for us.

jaime pott photography said...

Yeah it is 4 hours for us...well 3...depends on how fast you are driving...LOL

Sarah said...

Aw-that hotel room is gorgeous. And I love the pic Josh took of you--very urban!

Drea said...

NICE HOTEL.. never stayed in one that nice before.

Love all the pictures.. the houses are beautiful!

JK Photography said...

Nice pics Jamie! I love the "serious" one of you in the alley :) Miss ya hon!!

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