Supposed to be napping....


he does this alot...
I put Ethan down for his nap on friday and about 30 minutes later I hear him talking very loud...saying things over and over again...Like Papa...he said that about 50 over and over again...then mom....and other things....I finally walk in there and this is what I find.....When I left the room there was nothing on his floor...and he had the onsie on!! What on earth did he do.....LOL What a goof ball!!!

how did he do that?


Andrea said...

I know this is about Ethan's nap but I just wanted to say that you have amazing taste in room decor! I love the brown and the white trim!

Oh..and what a stinker!! :-D

jaime pott photography said...

Thank you....I am totally into brown tones and earth tones...most of our house is like that...BUT I can't take that much credit for it because that's how it was when me moved in....ethan's old room in our other house is chocolate with white too if that counts...hehehe

Etsy Love!

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