I went and saw Twilight last night with my friend Sarah. I have not read the books yet. But still loved the movie. It was a great love story. I really enjoyed it. I am going to borrow the book from my dad so I can read it as well. It was great seeing ya last night Sarah. We will have to get together again soon.


Andrea said...

I'm Twilight obsessed :-D I've read all the books, read everything Twilight related online and even saw the movie twice! Glad you liked it. It's interested to hear someone's point of view who hasn't read the books yet.

Oh and the books are a million times better. I still liked the movie but the books go into so much more detail.

Designher Momma said...

I have the first book...but have yet to crack it.

Courtney Kay said...

good movie, good book! My friends in high school and i were in a novel club that met after school and one of the girls was into fantasy. she made us read "blood and chocolate" another vampire book and we were drawn to the genre! glad you liked it!

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