Wordless Wednesday...how cute is he? 4 months old


4 months old4 months old4 months old


Rosjuane said...

I was just thinking that kid looks like Eathan till I decide it was Eathan. LOL!!

Leah said...

Those are so cute! They remind me of my little one. Little Noah is almost 4 months old, but he won't grab his toes like that because I think it doesn't feel good for him to crunch up his belly like that. =(

humanobserver said...

OMG ! a really really cute kid. Great capture !

Jeanette said...

Oh wow, that's extremely cute!

Andrea said...

That's your little guy, right?!?! So cute.

Sigh..I have my own case of baby fever. Doesn't help that AF keeps showing up. Grrrrr!

[But shhhh...I'm not saying anything on my blog concerning TTC. I'm hoping just to pop on in 3 months and be like "we're pregnant!" haha.]

Christina said...

I cannot get enough of the playing with the feet pictures!

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