a Christmas whirlwind...


I have the pictures in the wrong order, so therefore I will do it backwards...LOL
Because on Christmas Eve we went to Josh's parents and Christmas Day we were at my parents.
This is 7:30am on Christmas morning, Ethan first seeing the tree. He really didn't care all he wanted was milk. hahaha that kids LOVES his milk.
Christmas at my parents
He opened his stocking first. There was just cars and stuff in there. But he loved it. He stopped after he opened those and wouldn't open anymore. It was funny. We would put a present in front of him and he would say "No present." Eventually he started to open up more.
Christmas at my parentsChristmas at my parents
He was too cute with these blocks. I got these block from http://www.oompa.com/. I got them for a really great deal. And I love how the edges are rounded and not sharp.
Christmas at my parentsChristmas at my parents
He loved touching all the ornaments on the tree. Nana let him....they were not breakable ones so it was okay. Except when he comes home he thinks he can touch ours. Not the case. Ours are breakable. Got an idea off of another blogger, forgive me I don't recall where, but a great idea to have 2 trees...one for my theme and one for other things (kids tree), like homemade ornaments and non breakable ones. I will definately be doing that in the future.
Christmas at my parents
Josh looking so happy to get his picture taken. I got an awesome gift from him and my parents, Studio lights. I am so excited. The picture s above and below are taken while one of them was set up. We just wanted to see how much light it put out....and it was alot for one. They are continuous lights. (Meaning they are on all the time, as to where strobes flash only when a picture is taken). I think I am going to love these new lights. I will take pictures this weekend and show more.
Christmas at my parents
This is Christmas Eve at Josh's Parents house. Josh's mom wanted to get a picture of all of us together. I knew this would be coming....I was alittle nervous on how it would work out...because I totally for to bring my tripod. Would have been really helpful! But we rigged it up so it would work. I set the timer and ran to my place. We took several pictures, and I had to move some heads from one picture to another, just to get it so everyone was looking and not making a silly face. I love photoshop. I think I did pretty well with it.
Christmas Eve at Josh's Parents
Having fun opening and playing with their presents. You can see Ethan in the background playing with Ayden's Hummer....Ethan palyed with it just about the whole night...he loved that!
Christmas Eve at Josh's Parents
Ethan got a Speed Racer car from Me-maw!
Christmas Eve at Josh's Parents
Sylas being silly!
Christmas Eve at Josh's Parents
Ayden and his reindeer ears. He is too cute!
Christmas Eve at Josh's Parents


Leah said...

Great job on the family photo. I can't tell which heads are swapped :P I have had practice at this lately, and I didn't have the luxury of photoshop to swap heads :D It is really hard to get a big group of people to all look normal at the same time!

Leah said...

P.S. Hooray for new studio lights!

Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews said...

you will have to let me know if you like the lights. I think I'd be better with continuous ones myself.

Mindy said...

Yes, Super job with the family photo. It looks like you all had a very nice Christmas.

Laken said...

What a wonderful Christmas you all had! :)

Family pic is too cute!

Sarah said...

Looks like quite the celebration. Congrats on your new lights! I am too much of a chicken to try some!

megcb said...

the family photo is awesome!! what a good looking family... and wow the lights, what a great present!! Merry christmas and happy new year!

t h a i t r a i t said...

I have Ethan's same belt. In a few sizes bigger. :)

Lovely photos!

Tonya said...

looks like a wonderful holiday for your entire family!

Wahooo studio lighting...that woud freak me out...but it is always good to learn something new! Have fun with that!

Happy New Year!


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