a foot of snow and now more...


Friday we got a heck of a snow storm. We got about a foot of snow out of it. Police sent out an alert for everyone to stay OFF the roads. Thank goodness I had the day off and didn't have to work. I stayed in all day....wasn't my plan for the day but no choice...I couldn't get my car out.
Josh came home early and snow blowed the driveway and then helped 4 of the neighbors. One of which only had shovels....this was really wet and heavy snow....you would be there for ever with a shovel. We got this big bad snowblower from my parents and it is awesome. Thank goodness we had it.

And now look at this (below). Another storm is here. How much more are we supposed to get? I hope not to much more....We shall see when we wake in the morning....Who else is getting hit with a ton of snow?


Anonymous said...

I finally got high speed internet so that I can actually look at our family's blogs without raising my blood pressure or falling asleep while I'm waiting for pictures to load. We have snow coming down, except it sounds kind of crunchy when it hits, so I think it might be ice. I loved the little video clips of Ethan dancing. Aunt Linda

t h a i t r a i t said...

We are! In the Pacific Northwest! This is unheard of!

Oh, and regarding your question about baking soda and ACV for hair that's been colored--I honestly don't know!

I'm noticing streaks of gray starting to show up on my head...not sure what I'm going to do about it! My parents both started graying in their 20s (I thought that was my fault, or my brother's fault). I'm trying to ignore my gray hairs in hopes that they'll go away. :)

Sarah said...

The snow is ridiculous. I think it's pretty for Christmas, but otherwise it needs to stop. Now.

Andrea said...

We have gotten SO MUCH snow. I was trapped on Friday as well. Work wasn't called off but there was no way I was going to make it in!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I'm in snowy Minnesota so this is nothing new to me. We are covered in a foot of snow. It's cold and gusty here. We will be having a white Christmas this year. The kind I love. :)

Jaime said...

It is like a white out here. We haven't had it like this in a couple years. It isn't supposed to stop until Wednesday. Who knows...We have about 2 feet right now...We will see.

Aunt Linda, Oh I am sooo glad you can view my blog now...without any hassle. So exciting.

Andrea...I am sure you have just as much as we do...you are right across the lake from me..You sent it here didn't you? HAHHAA

Sarah...it is ridiculious...I sure do hope it stops soon.

Jenn said...

Stay safe and warm girl!

Do you always have a white Christmas? That would be sooooo fun! We have only had one a few times here in NC. That was when we lived in western NC. Don't get as much snow here in the eastern part of the state!

4 Little Men and Twins said...

i'm actually bummed i'm not where all the snow is. hmmm... we have a dusting and nothing more.

stay warm and safe, and even the snow for me! :)


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