Wii.....went to get a Christmas Tree


just alittle snow...
Today we went over to my parents house to celebrate my birthday. Yes I realize it was like 2 weeks ago, BUT my dad only has every other weekend off...so it was pushed til today. This picture above is our drive over to their house. Crazy huh?
daddy walking ethan up the hill
Ethan was really excited to be able to go in the snow and play. He couldn't wait til we got his gear on. And that sure does take a while with an anxious 2 year old. My parents have a very large yard with several little hills. We didn't have a sled for him to ride in so my dad got the trash can lid for him to go down the hill on...Worked great and Ethan loved it.
daddy just pushes me down the hillethan sledding down a hill in a trash can lid
After some sleding we decided to go cut down a Christmas tree for my parents. I don't recall the name of the place we went but we always go to the same place in Rockford to get the tree.
Don't we look cold???? Ethan so did not want a picture at this time....he was throwing a fit, that's why he was on the ground.
Josh, Ethan and I
I love his lil red cheeks and nose...he had a great time looking all around the tree farm.
Ethanit's a little cold..
We eventually found one, considering we all like different styles of trees. We got a FULL Figured sized tree. LOL This tree is very plump let me tell you. Josh and my dad had to carry it up a hill...I think it was pretty heavy. =)
My dad and Josh
We returned home with the tree. We put Ethan down for a nap...he was cranky and tired let me tell you. Way past nap time. We had a great dinner. THANKS MOM!! And then we decided to play Wii. Oh how so much fun Wii bowling is!! I love it...I can whoop some booty in that game.
My last game today I had 10 strikes and left open 2 frames. hehehe I was trying to get all strikes but that didn't work...maybe next time.

playing Wii bowling...my momplaying Wii bowling...my Joshplaying Wii bowling...my dad
These are ghost pictures....weird huh. This is my mom, dad and Josh playing Wii. Don't be mad I put this on here mom!!! HEHEHE
We had a great time playing Wii. We played it all day on Thanksgiving as well!!


Shamay said...

Oh how fun!
Happy LATE birthday (sorry!). Your mom said you've been sick, hope you're doing better. Looks like he's having so much fun! We just got our first smattering of snow tonight - so far it's only about an inch or so. We'll see if it sticks.

Shamay said...

And umm... is the "Wii" in the title a forshadowing of Christmas Presents to come?


jaime pott said...

I always have to publish my post while I am writing it because it never looks right....so you probably caught it when I wasn't done...lol

I am still sick, sinus infection this time. It has been 2 and 1/2 weeks...I do hope it goes away real soon!!!

These pictures were earlier today...and it is STILL snowing.

4 Little Men and Twins said...

love the snow pictures! looks like a blast!


Courtney Kay said...

Ethan is so cute! I go to School in Holland if you ever need a sitter! lol!

Laken said...

The snow is beautiful! I just love it! The pictures were awesome! I'm sure we will never get a Winter Wonderland like that! Ethan is so cute, and I especially liked the video of him dancing!!!

Etsy Love!

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