10 on Tuesday...


1. I can't believe it is Jan 13th already. How fast is this year going to go by? Before I know it Ethan will be 3 years old. OH MY.

2. I am stressed. I really can't get into it on here because I am not sure of the people that read it. Let's just say I am back to part time...and really can't be.

3. On a positive note, Ethan has been showing more interest in using the potty. He has been doing really good. I do not want to use pull-ups due to the fact that they are diapers...and well isn't that what I am trying to get him out of...LOL No offense to anyone that uses them. I just don't think they are for us. I have been looking on line for undies that hold something when he goes...similar to a diaper, but like undies. My friend got Little Beetle Learners and said they were great so I may look into those. I did buy some undies for him...which are so darn cute...but now his pants do not fit...lol He is doing pretty good...just need to me more consistent with it.

Sasha 4. On Jan 1st, Josh and I decided to go look for a cat, for Ethan. Ethan really loves kitties. He obsesses when he sees them at others houses. So we set out that day, stopping at all the pet stores and places we could find. Believe it or not most of the places we would not be able to get a cat that day. It was a process...Adoption. Which was fine...but we wanted instant gratification...who doesn't. We hit one last place....Pet's Mart. They had many cats/kittens there. I wanted a kitten but Josh didn't think that would be a good thing for Ethan since he is kind of rough. And I thought about it more....it would be nice to have a cat that had all shots, declawed, and nuetered without us having to do it all. We ended up finding one there her name is Sarah...(we changed it to Sasha because I don't think Sarah is a cat name)....She is 2 yrs old and his so sweet. Best cat. She is very loving and perfect. She came from a rescue called Lake Haven. She does have some issues with her tail. It is short...only a couple inches long and kind of curved at a 90 degree angle, but you can't tell that unless you touch it....it actully looks flat. We don't care tho...she is great. And Ethan loves her. Everyday when he gets home he asks where kitty is.

Sasha 5. We kind of just call her Kitty....'Kitty' much easier. LOL And she listens when you do. The reason we waited so long to tell anyone is because we wanted to see if it would work out or not. Josh is allergic to some types of cats...and we wanted to make sure that we were keeping her. Things seem to be okay right now.

Just a couple snapshots of Sasha, taken with my canon Powershot SX110...love it. The videos are all from this camera as well.

6. I have a terrible headache right now. Glad I am home tho. We are watching Wall-E. Such a cute movie. Ethan really likes it.

7. We are going to Shanty Creek Resort the end of the month. I can't wait. Will be nice to get away. We are taking Ethan too. It is fun to play in the snow with Ethan.

8. Ethan is doing pretty good with his big boy bed. He seems to sometimes want to sleep in his crib tho. I think it makes him feel safe with all the sides. So he slept in his crib last night. I will put him in his big boy bed for his nap today tho. He usually does pretty good with his naps.

9. You know how I mentioned my brother and his family from maryland stayed with us for a few days (speaking of which I haven't posted on, except the video of them chasing each other.) We we were thinking that the next time we all get together for Christmas we would all go somewhere nice....Like meet at Disney, or even Mexico or something. I think it is a fantastic idea. Should get started on those plans tho....I will put that on my to do list...

10. My mom found this little kid shopping cart for Ethan. He loves to push things. It is hilarious to watch him go in circles pushing this shopping cart around. So funny. At the end he runs to the potty because he has to go...LOL


Sarah said...

I think it's hilarious that the cat's name was Sarah! Ha!!!!

Drea said...

your cats so cute. and i was just going to say "whats up with the tail?" haha. my mom has a ROMANXX cat. google it :-)
she was born without a tail.. well she has a tiny stub but we call it THE DUSTER.. she wags it like a dog and looks like shes using it to dust things. Shes so cute and chubby :-)

I cant wait til Dinah is bigger... good move buying it from petsmart.. next time we will for sure do that!

Shamay said...


I am personally voting for Mexico, but if you guys really are leaning for Disney, we'll go for that too!
(And we could plan the other one for 2010!). Woohoo, I can taste the sunshine now!

It's cold here too but not nearly as cold as it is in Michigan. But it's just depressing that we have so much cold and no snow. Really, what good is this temperature without a little pretty scenery?

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