Keen Footwear Review and GIVEAWAY at SIMPLE


Let me just say how freezing it is here in Michigan....It was -11 today, and well that is just too cold. It isn't normally this cold, but usually in the teens. With the weather being so cold and alot of snow, winter boots are must. I, therefore, was on the lookout for some new winter boots this year.

So searching around, I was looking for some cute, modern, feminine snow boots and I came across Keen Footwear. There were so many styles to chose from, but the Betty Boot stood out. They were fun, modern and had a great style and colors. Just look at them. Plus they are totally me. I love these colors together.
Keen Footwear Review
The Betty Boot has breathable fleece insulated on the inside of the boots. They are insulated so well that they will keep your feet warm at -25 degrees.

Ever since I got these boots, I have not worn any other shoes when going out. Wearing these I don't have to worry about my feet getting cold or wet. I truely love them. They are the best boots I have ever owned and well worth every penny. Specifically designed for women, the Betty Boot features KEEN.WARM insulation and KEEN.DRY waterproofing for maximum cold-weather protection with a feminine twist.
Keen has a huge line of footwear, bags and socks. They have footwear for women, men, children and infants.

Keen Footwear Review

I get to give away a pair of Keen shoes. Go over to SIMPLE to sign up. Don't miss out on this. Winner will be chosen on Jan 23rd.


    Bethany said...

    Those boots are really cute!! We had to buy some snow boots last winter when we went sledding in the mountains and let me just say that mine are about as big, bulky and black as they come! SO not a fashion statement!! If I lived somewhere with some frigid and snowy weather like you I MIGHT be able to justify it, but not out here in the desert!!

    Keep warm up there!

    Designher Momma said...

    and I love the keens! lucky girl you! I would enter if I could...

    Christina said...

    Oh my gosh. "I'd die" to quote fashion stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe (her term to describe something she really likes).

    Etsy Love!

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