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Some one please tell me how do you keep your child in bed? I can't take it anymore. I have been putting him back in bed for an hour now. Is anyone out there? I have tried to put him back to bed without saying anything to him....just bringing him to his bed. That doesn't work.
I have tried to threaten with a spank....he laughs at me.

As of right now...I am going to......just scream.

He is opening and closing the door....right behind me....thinking it is funny. ARGH.

Oh my word talk about frustrating. I even laid in bed with him for like 30 minutes....

Please if anyone has any suggestions...I would love to hear them.


Rosjuane said...

Okay so don't go crazy moms but I let my kids watch tv for a few mins b/f bed. Ashlyn has a set bedtime. But Garret doesn't really. I put him to bed at a certain time but I turn the tv on and he is usually out in 30 min. If not I turn it off and he will cry for a few then go right out. I had to at first when he first got the bed let him just watch until he passed out. GASP!!

Mike, Shannon & Lilianna McAvoy said...

Don't be afraid to let him cry. We moved Lili to her bed just after Christmas and she has yet to get out of bed. I am DEF not saying that to brag. Maybe it was our tactic. We gave her one rule...and held to it. We told her when she HAD to get up she could only do that if she called for Mom or Dad. So....she stays in bed until she calls for us. When she did get out or put her toes out of bed onto the floor she would get a little swat on the bag of her leg. So much fat there I'm sure it doesn't hurt but she KNOWS we mean business. Feel free to call or text me if you want....I can tell you others. For all the other mom's out there...I don't beat my child...I love her VERY much...she is the type of personality that needs this kind of reinforcement though :)

Lp Photography said...

Bad mom here too! I let Kenleigh watch her choice of Barney, Elmo, or Pooh in bed. We got her big girl bed the day before Thanksgiving and no luck keeping her in there at all! She either cried till she puked or we put her in bed with us, then moved her. Then we had to let her fall asleep on the couch with her dad, move her, then at 2am she'd come looking for him. So we got her a tv for Christmas, and did the tv in her bed during the day thing, then tried it at night and now she sleeps in her bed, will even lay there after the movie is off and sleep in there all night!!!! YAY!! Get him a tv fast! lol Oh, any suggestions for naptime in bed...I am all ears. We have not mastered that at all yet! :)

Jaime said...

Ro - Ethan did have a bedtime of 8:30 when he was in his crib. But now we start at 7:30 and he doesn't actually go to sleep until 9:30!

Shannon - I would let him cry, but he doesn't cry he just gets up and comes and plays with his bedroom door. That's great that Lili doesn't get out. Ethan was great in the beginning, but now he thinks it is a game, for us to keep putting him back in bed...he laughs and thinks it is fun. Oh and boy does that make me even more upset. So it ended tonight where he wanted some I warmed up some milk and gave it to him...IN BED...when he was done he stayed in bed and went to sleep....
I think I need to be more stern in the beginning. I'll email ya.

Laura - hmmmmm...I am not sure I could put a TV in his room...he would never got to sleep then...LOL He is just a stinker. Sounds like we are opposite...Ethan does naps great in his bed. Not sure why at night is any different. I just lay him in his bed and he goes to sleep for his nap...thank goodness.

Drea said...

pop his hiney LOL
Have you tried sitting in the room or right outside of it? I had to do this some with Taite.. til he fell asleep id just sit outside his room on the laptop LOL hang in there!

Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews said...

my friend Tiffany used to put a gate in her son's doorway. Have you tried that?

Deb said...

Back when my son had his crib i took up the tecnique of if he stood up/cried/etc i would go in the room, say nothing and lay him down and do that till he fell asleep. Sometimes it was hard, but after a while, he learned that was the only thing that was going to happen and he learned to just stay laying down and go to sleep. Then when we got his big bed it only took 15 mins of him getting up and me putting him back without a word for him to fall asleep. After a while i learned to .. put him to bed, turn off the lights and put a gate at his door. Declan would also play with the door so i started staying in the room, standing right at his bed so he couldn't get off his bed, i was right there to quickly put him back in bed. After a few mins he got tired of this and just layed there. I stood there till he fell asleep. Now for some reason, i changed from doing that and started reading him to sleep. I get through 1-3 books and he's out for the night. I think one of the main things is i read him a longish book (like dr. seuss's sleep book) that way it's constant reading. He usually falls asleep with that one.

I know you've probably heard this a million times but the most important thing is consistency. It may take an hour or more of putting him back in his bed, but eventually it will work and it will be less time. Just remind yourself that it will work, and the most important thing is you are being consistent with it, you're not getting upset with him, and to remember it WILL work.

Bedtime routines work well too if you aren't already doing that.

And making sure he gets a lot of physical activity during the day to make him tired.. that works wonders for us!

Sorry such a long comment. I hope everything works out. Good luck! :)
- Deb

Deb said...

* the reason for the gate would be so HE knew it wasn't possible for him to get up and run through the house, not just for the fact it would keep him in.

Abby said...

Have you tried the little doorknob covers so they cant turn the doorknob? We had to put it on Rylan's doorknob so he is unable to open the door. We put him to bed with the same routine every night and sometimes he gets up to play a little bit in his room but when he is ready for bed he hops back into bed and goes to sleep. He is the kind of kid who needs to do it on his own terms or he wont do it at all.

As far as the TV, we are in the same boat as you- Rylan would stay up all night and freak out when the movie was over. As it is now I really have to limit his tv watching because he would sit and watch all day long if he could! And he freaks out when I turn the tv off, so I have learned to have the next activity ready to go for him so he is distracted.

Good Luck!!

CissaLynn said...

I don't know if this will help at all, but both of my boys quit taking naps (they just had quiet time instead) by the time they were three. B/c if they had a nap, they couldn't get to sleep at night! I just wondered if, the older he gets, he isn't as tired at night.
Other than that, I ended up doing the TV thing and that really helped us!
It is hard 'cause every kid is different and different things work for each one! :)
Good luck, girl!!!
Have a good weekend!
Love, Cissa

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine had to put a locking knob on backwards... they would lock him in the room until he fell asleep then they opened the door a crack for him. Sounds horribly mean but it wasn't until after months of trying to keep him in his room that they did that (he figured out the knob covers)

Stacey said...

My first thought was if you are going to threaten to spank him, then you should follow through. If he knows you're not going to do it, of course he'll just get right back up!

Don't give up, and don't give in. Parents are supposed to win the battle, and you can, as long as you are consistent.

Jaime said...

Thanks so much for giving me all these ideas. I do believe I need to be more consistent. It is sooo hard. And I think I get frustrated to easy. I have to work on that.

Stacey you are totally right...I really hate the thought of spanking him...and I totally hate doing it...because sometimes I feel like I am just so upset and don't know what else to I try not to do it...but saying it doesn't really help either. thanks for commenting.

Deb...Thanks for sharing. Things have only just begun with this big boy bed thing. I thought it was going to be alittle easier. Boy was I wrong. LOL

Shelley...Josh hates the idea of a gate..he says "He's not an animal!" LOL becuase believe me I mentioned it even before we got the big boy bed.

Abby...I haven't tried the doorknob things...but I have a feeling he is alittle to smart for those...LOL But totally worth a try.

Cissa....He doesn't sleep for about 2-4 hours during the day still. He didn't have a problem going to sleep when he was in his crib. I know he is tired he is just fighting it. hmmmmmm....

I don't think I could lock him in his room because he would just bang on the door all night....and well that's just annoying...

I think my best bet right now is to be consistent...and I may just stay in there with him for a while...Like I have been doing...till he is actually asleep tho.

Thanks again everyone..I really appreciate the comments...=)

Shamay said...

I have no idea. That is why Maiya is staying in her crib until she is at least 18 and a half. I have no patience for the annoying bedtime games. Grayer was an angel when he switched. Never got out of bed at all, but I don't have the same hopes for the little one. She'll test me every night, I'm sure - so in the crib she stays! G occasionally plays the "I need a drink", "I need to go pee pee AGAIN", "I just wanted a hug" game and it drives me insane. Thankfully it's rare.

And just like a previous commenter said, my sister put the door knob on backwards too.

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

ugg... must be age. Ozzie gets out of his bed too. We just pick him up and put him right back in. Even if we have to do it 10 times. he'll stay in bed and he doesn't cry.

hope it's getting better!


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