I recently have stumbled upon a few blogs that I keep going back to read. My heart hurts for these families that have to go thru these rough times with their newborns.
The first one is Kelly. She just had her precious baby Harper tonight. And now Harper is in critical condition and being flown to Little Rock's Children's Hospital. I can't even imagine the pain Kelly feels right now. To not have her precious Harper there with her. I pray that Harper gets better very soon. It shouldn't be like this. Harper and Kelly need to be together at these precious moments. God please heal them so they can be together fast.
Go check out her blog. Just an adorable little family.
Another one is Jenna. She had her baby on the 14th and Brayden is in NICU also. He has pulmonary hypertension. Also at Little Rock Children's Hospital. I pray and hope that Brayden's numbers get better so he can go home and be with his family.
Please pray for these two families. They desparately need the prayers.


t h a i t r a i t said...

Thanks for reminding us to pray!

Candace said...

I have also come across those blogs as well... so sad. When I had my little girl, we were separated after 24 hours and it was so painful. My heart goes out to them, and I pray that they are all reunited so very soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog today... I always love visitors! By the way... your photography is awesome!

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