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My brother and his family came to visit starting on the 27th of December and they stayed until New Years Eve. We had a great time. They live in Maryland so we do not get to see them that often. Once a year mostly. They stayed in our home this time. 5 extra people in our house was crazy busy. hehehe It was fun tho. More stories are coming....I know it has taken me a while to get this posted. Still going thru all the pictures I took while they were here. These pictures are of the cousins - Ethan, Maiya and Grayer. Ethan and Maiya are 2 yrs old and Grayer just turned 4 on Jan 5th. Can't believe he is 4 already. Happy Birthday Mr. Grayer!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday party!
Maiya, Ethan and Grayer - cousinsEthan, Grayer and Maiya


Shamay said...

Oh I just love the 'people pile' picture! And it's hilarious how completely 'done' Grayer was in the other picture.

So cute! We should have gotten video of the two Littles chasing each other around the kitchen with their push toys!

Etsy Love!

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