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On Sunday, I came across this families blog and had to read more. The first post I read was "Cora is with Jesus today." I couldn't believe it at first so I went back and had to read her whole story. I cried as I did this. I can't imagine the hurting this family is going thru. My heart goes out to them. She was only 11 months old and had Neuroblastoma since the End of January. But on Febuary 8th she went with Jesus. I totally recommend you visiting her blog.

They are building a Playground in Cora's honor. And you can donate to this. For more information about contributing to the Cora Playground, visit


Angie said...

I did the exact same thing as you!! I cant stop thinking and praying for that family.

Laura said...

Thank you for reaching out to my family.

Laura Glendenning
Cousin of Cora's Father

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