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I had a doctor's appt on Monday...wasn't sure how it was going to work because he like's to get into things in unknown places. So I loaded up the diaper bag with books and cars. Well of course when I get there he wants nothing to do with the books or cars....too many other things to explore and play with. What do I do to keep him still...whip out the trusty iPhone...hahahaha Works like a charm.
what you do to make your kid sit still at the doctors office

After the doctors office....he came home and took a nap....when I went to get him up from his nap...I walked in the room and freaked because his bed was empty....I then look over and find him in his little tent that Aunt Shamay sent for him....he loves it too!! Thanks Shamay.



1st spaghetti dinnerAs you all know E does not eat very many different varieties of foods. I got home today and Josh was making dinner (yes he does this often....and I love it) He was making Chicken Primavera...I thought why not give E a little try at it....I even told him he could make a huge mess if he wanted to....but he just had to try it. He was playing with it for a while and then stuck his tongue out and licked it. We praised him so much...cheer and clapped for him. We always like to make a big deal out of it when he eats something new. (Thanks Shamay, it works great.) When he finally took a bite, we had a party. I was so excited and so was E. He likes when we make a huge deal out of it... It was great, I am sooo proud of him for trying it and taking several more bites. This is real progress for him. I hope we can try and work in more foods. We shall see.1st spaghetti dinner

Look how adorable these are. E cousins' Grayer and Maiya sent these Valentine's to him. They are so cute. Thanks Grayer and Maiya you did a great job!


Ever since I saw the movie Twilight with my friend Sarah, I have been reading the book, and the rest of the series. On Tuesday I read the whole book, New Moon, the 2nd one in the series. Now I have to go get the other 2 books...but they aren't in paperback, which really stinks because they are $10 more...but that's okay...they are fantastic books.


Bethany said...

WHEW! Glad to know our kids are not the only one with iPhone obsessions! Huntler thinks it is his!! The sad thing is, he knows how to operate it better than I do!! :)

So, Ethan's room is really cute! I have a thing for brown and I LOVE that he has that little "shelf" around the center! I would be able to do all sorts of things with something like that!!

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

the tent is SO cute! love it! I think i'll get the boys tent out today. So fun!

have a great day!
oh and I got your email. :) I'll try to write back today!


Rosjuane said...

I love those of him in his tent!! That is so sweet.

Sarah said...

The fact that Ethan fell asleep in his tent is so funny and cute all at the same time. And can I say what a well dressed son you have? :)

New Moon was my absolute favorite of the Twilight books! Those darn books are addicting!

Andrea said...

I LOVE those tent pictures. Too cute!!!

Shamay said...

I hope Ethan is boy enough to understand that "red hot lave exploding on that kid" really means "Happy Valentines day... love Grayer".


Maiya still asks for Ethan. I wish they lived closer so they could chase eachother around the kitchen with strollers and such more often!

Shamay said...

Oh and I got hooked on the series too. I read the entire series on the way to and from Michigan in December. It is addicting, isn't it? Then you finish and you feel depressed that there will be no more of the story to look forward to each day. Darn teenage-vampire-romance-novels!

Christina said...

The tent pictures are simply precious!

Awdrey said...

How sweet, him cuddling up in his tent.

Etsy Love!

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