Kids love books, don't they? Kids love games too.
I know my son loves both. He loves books. When my friend Shelley introduced me to frecklebox, she thought my son would love this and boy was she right.

Why not make a book, but yet make it fun for the kids, and make it a game too.

The idea of these books is to get kids to read and have fun. And they do just that.

When I recieved the "...Goes to the Zoo" book, it was very fun and exciting, even for my 2 yr old. He loves when I read thru the book and he gets to find his name on each page. These books are personalized with your childs name right in the book. My son thinks it is great that his name is in the book. He gets really excited when he finds his name.
The animals in this book look very real. The pictures are wonderful. There is a different animal on each page. The book reads as if they are talking to your child.

Frecklebox has many other personalized items too. Coloring books, growth charts, placemats,

Want to win any item from their store...go over to SIMPLE and sign up.

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mrs.leah.maria said...

I so hope that my son will love to read!

Christina said...

I was just thinking that would be fun to have for Maria and Pete.

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