Alice Our neighbors are so cute. Ethan loves playing with Ella, Lauren and Jackson. Ethan is always asking for Ella. When he isn't asking for Ella, he is asking for Lauren and Jackson. He just loves playing with all of them. I am sooo glad that we have great neighbors.

We were outside the other day with Casey, Ella and Alice. I got to take a few pictures of them. Alice is so easy because she doesn't move...hehe Just look how adorable she is. Alice is 9 months and just too cute!

I took pictures of Alice, so I asked Ella if I could take pictures of her too for her mom. She played it up. She was so funny. Rolling on the grass being all cute.
Casey planted these flowers the other day. Ella and Ethan HAD to water them. They were so cute. Could barely carry the watering can tho.
Ethan and Ella watering the flowers
Ethan watering the flowers
Then they were playing with this car. I think this one is so funny....Looks like he is saying
"Hey baby, can I get a ride?" Too funny.
Hey baby....can I get a ride? LOL
We love our neighbors and hope they don't have move. We are praying for you!!


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