{playing catch with daddy}


Ethan really love to play outside now that it is getting warmer. He hates to come back in when it is time. Aren't all kids like that tho? Except for the other day when he didn't get a nap....we were outside at the neighbors and he decided he wanted to go home and go to bed. hahaha
Can you believe the weather? This is clothing from the same day as in the above pictures. He had to change into something warmer at night...it is crazy. But I love it cooler at night.
Ethan loves playing ball outside with Josh. He thought it was hilarious that he threw the ball way high and then tried to catch it. Super cute.
I hope this weekend will be nice. I have had a really busy week. I had 3 newborn sessions and met with a bride. Busy Busy. I hope to relax some this weekend.
And now that it is 12:45, I seriously need to go to bed. I do have to work tomorrow. LOL


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