{meeting bloggy friends - IRL - Day 1}


On Monday, I got me and Ethan all packed up and ready to head to Ohio to meet a Bloggy friend that I have known for over a year now. Andrea lives in North Carolina and was up in Ohio visiting where she used to live. I figured that would be a good chance for us to meet since it is only 3.5 hours from me. Ethan and I headed out on Monday around noon, got my GPS all programed to head to Bellevue, Ohio. GPS's are the best invention ever.
We arrived at out hotel in Bellevue at 3:30pm. It was a great drive. I was so excited to meet Andrea and her family I texted her right when we got to the room. BTW - the room was smelly and the hotel was alittle shady. But we made it thru.
Drea, Travis, Ethan and Taite bouncing
Ethan and I went to the RV site that they were staying at to visit for a little while. Ethan slept for 2 hours on the way to Ohio, he was well rested and ready to go. There was this HUGE bouncing pillow thing that you could bounce for hours on. The boys just loved it. Here is Andrea, Travis, Taite and Ethan bouncing. Ethan warmed up to Drea and her family very well, he is usually shy, but I think he is getting out of that. It was so fun to watch the boys play. Before I even got out of my Jeep the head of the RV park was on my tail about paying some crazy $4.00 fee to stay and hang out. Plus it was another $4 for Ethan. Not to mention getting crazy about me going to fast in the park. I SO WAS NOT going fast....he was driving his 4 wheeler faster then I was. I finally went to the front and paid for myself and if they asked...Ethan was going to be Drea's. LOL Altho we were as white and can be and they were all tan...not sure they would notice.

While the boys played I got the chance to photograph Drea and Travis. They are super sweet. I love the photos we captured.

Travis and AndreaTravis and AndreaTravis and AndreaTravis and AndreaTravis and Andrea
We had so much fun. It's was fun to photograph a photographer. Helps when they already know what to do. We also ate dinner (turkey dogs) with them and then headed back to the hotel. We were tired and Drea's boys were a little cranky. LOL
The next day were were going to the Toldeo Zoo to meet another Bloggy friend...YAY!
I will do that in another post.


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