{my new bag from XcessRize Designs}


XcessRize Designs - Large camera bag
For the longest time I have been wanting a really nice camera bag to carry around, besides my traditional Nikon bag. I wanted something that is cute and fun, so that when I am doing weddings it is stylish and modern. Not to mention I needed something bigger to fit more of my stuff in it.

Drea introduced me to XcessRize Designs on Etsy. One that she has been wanting to get. Oh how I love Etsy. If you have not heard of Etsy, you are missing out on some fantastic handmade products.

I just wanted to share how fabulous this bag is. It is very large. A lot larger then I thought it would be. Please don't mind the picture....it is a horrible one of me. UGH!

XcessRize Designs - Large camera bag

I am in love with the outside fabric on it. It is gorgeous. My camera strap is a black and white damask print so I thought this would compliment it well.

Below is a picture of the inside of it. You would not believe how much this bag will hold.

It will be nice to be able to have my backup camera with me at weddings and not have to have 2 bags.

XcessRize Designs - Large camera bag


Drea said...

I love it, i cant wait to get one. The bottom of the bag, is it padded as well? :)

Andrea said...

Oh my...love love love...want want want!!!!!

Oh yea, and I love Etsy :)

As They Grow Up said...

Oh I love that bag!! It looks fantastic

Jaime said...

Yeah the bottom is very well padded. I love it...

Christina said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Etsy Love!

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