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As many of you know, I work part time in a doctor's office, Family Medicine office. We have attending physicians and resident physicians. There are 6 attending physicians and 28-30 resident physicians. There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd year residents in our office. They only stay for 3 years and then they graduate and get a job in their own office. This year we had 9 graduate and every year we celebrate. I have worked there for about 8 years now and my husband has never come to one of the Resident Graduation Parties. Mostly because he doesn't to many people and there is a Roast that he wouldn't really understand. But this year many of the gals at work were bringing there spouse/significant others. I decided I would too, with much dissagreement from Josh. But he agreed to come anyways. Thanks Babe.

I was really excited to go, because it is alot of fun and there is dancing afterwards. I love to dance. Even tho I am sure I am not that good. But I don't care.

Before we were about to leave I went to the neighbors so we could at least get a shot of me and Josh dressed up. I did my hair....and I thought it turned out fantastic, which I was rather excited and proud of. HA! I love doing up-dos with my hair. I love being creative with it.
Plus I got to wear this super cute dress that believe it or not ladies my husband picked out. HEHE I am not that good with clothing so I am glad that I have him to help. (Yes he actually bought it without me being there.)
This is the shot we got of Josh and I: (thanks Lisa)

We had a great night out. The party was at the Amway Grand Plaza, and was fabulous. Ethan was staying the night at Rob and Erin's so it was nice to just come home and relax.


Kate said...

Aw! You look great! Glad you had a fun time!!

Andrea said...

You looked great and I LOVE the up-do. I'm like you...being creative with my hair and all that :) We have a lot in common, dear!

Glad you had a fun time. Tell Josh he did a great job picking out the dress.

Sarah said...

You look like a HOT mama!! :) Good choice on the dress too!

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