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Every now and then Josh's sister, Erin and her husband Rob, want to do a kids swap. One night we watch their kids and the next night they will watch Ethan. It is really nice for both families. THe kids love it and the parenst get a night off. This was our Friday night watching Ayden and Kaiya. We played with the cars and the bike and the plasmacar. It was alot of fun. They didn't plan on staying the night but it got so late that they just ended up staying the night. This is the 2nd time we have done it and it is really nice to do. I also got 2 great pictures of my hubby. Isn't he a handsome guy. hehe Thanks for baring with me babe.
Ayden, Kaiya, EthanEthan
It was so cute...Kaiya traced Josh's body on the drive way with chalk and colored him in as to what he was wearing. She was super excited about it. Then Ayden posing for me. Love his eyes!!


mrs boo radley said...

Yes, handsome of course!

Love the pictures and the colors in them...reminds me of a whole big bucket of sidewalk chalk.

Etsy Love!

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