{Toledo Zoo - Day 2}


We planned on going to the Toledo Zoo to meet KATE and her boys, Mylo and Phinny.

Drea came and picked Ethan and I up at the hotel around 9:30am. I really wanted some photos of Ethan taken and I really wanted Andrea to do it. So before heading to the zoo we went down the road from the hotel to downtown Bellevue to get a few shots. It was super quick and easy. Ethan actually cooperated for us. At first he didn't but he finally was willing to listen for some Orange Tic Tacs...LOL
Ethan and I

I really love this one of Ethan and I. So sweet. Glad she was able to capture it.

I am sure there are many more and I can't wait to see them. Thanks Drea for capturing Ethan, as he doens't let me anymore.


After that we got back in the van and headed to Toledo Zoo, it was about an hour away. Not to bad. The boys did well.

We got to the zoo about 11am and pulled in and noticed a girl standing by her car changing her son's diaper. Drea and I both knew it was her because of her sunglasses...she was too cute. Drea honked and we all waved, we were all super excited to meet each other and our kids.
We parked got out and did all our hugs and met each other's kids. Kate's boys are adorable. Mylo and Phinny looks so much alike.
We headed to the entrance of the zoo, got our tickets and then wanted to get a picture of all of us. Drea got one of the workers to capture this:

Toledo zoo with bloggy friends

The zoo was quite large I will just share a few of the animals that we did see.
But first here is Mylo look at the manitees. He was so adorable.

Mylo at Toledo Zoo
Here is Kate with her son Phinny in a BabyHawk. Love this wrap.
They are so sweet.
Kate and Phinny
Toledo ZooPolar Bear at Toledo ZooPolar Bear at Toledo Zoo The polar bears were so cute and HUGE. These were taken thru glass, I think they came out pretty darn well for being thru glass.
Toldeo ZooToledo ZooToledo ZooToledo ZooToledo ZooToledo Zoo
I was glad to hold Phinny while Kate had to do something real quick. He is just adorable and a heafty 19lbs. Ethan was 19lbs at a year. Mr. Phinny is 6 months. I am glad he is eating well. He is adorable. She also had Mylo and Phinny dressed in the same outfit. It was totally adorable.
Phinny and IToledo Zoo - Gift Shop

Mylo and Ethan were so cute running around chasing each other with the alligators in the gift shop.
Pictures were taken of Drea and I and Kate and I, but Drea just has to send them to me and I will post those later. She is busy I am sure.
I am so glad I got to meet Drea and Kate. It was so much fun. I know people might think it is weird to meet IRL, but it was nice and I already felt like I know them. I know if we all lived closer we would definately have play dates with the kids and chat it up. I wish we could have had more time to chat. But I am sure there will be other times without kiddos. And actually there is TALK of a 2010 summer bloggy vacation without kids and hubbies!!! More info to come on that later.
We left the Zoo around 2:30pm and drove back home. The boys ALL fell asleep. It was nice. Drea then dropped off Ethan and I at the hotel to rest a bit, then they were coming back to go swim in the indoor pool. Drea didn't go in because she had a shoot at 7:30 and didn't want to get messed up. LOL But the rest of us had a good time. Taite is a super good swimmer at 2 yrs old. I was amazed. He did so great.
We then got all cleaned up and Ethan and I went to visit one last time at the RV and have dinner.
One thing that Ethan didn't do was eat. He hardly ate anything while we were away. Except I went to the grocery store and got some fruit for him. He ate mostly fruit. LOL Yeah imagine those diapers...HA!
Travis watched Ethan so I could 2nd shoot with Drea on the engagement pictures. It was really fun. I will post some of those pictures later.
Day 3 - Ethan and I traveled back home. He misses Taite and Caleb. He keeps saying he wants to see them. Let's go mommy let's go see the kids. Too cute
Thanks for a great visit Drea.


Kate said...

OMG...your pics are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! I LOVE ALL OF THEM! You and Drea are SO talented its ridiculous!

I mean not QUITE as talented behind the camera as me, of course. ;)

Who's this....
"So, do I look through this thing and then take the picture?"


4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

I SOOOO wish I was able to come! Next time for sure!!!

love all the pics!


Aura said...

Hi Jaime - Enjoyed very much reading this post and I agree all your pictures are amazing and capture the great time you all had.

Drea said...

I love your edits! I got lots more pics of Ethan to show you, in time! :) I am so behind on editing :-\

Enjoyed the visit! look forward to it again.

~nOe~ said...

i love the photos... but on the other hand it's so sad to see all those animals caged :(
but loved the photos.

Etsy Love!

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