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On Friday, I got out of work around 3:15pm, so Josh and I could head to Chicago for the weekend with Rob and Erin (they were already there). I could not have been more excited. Josh did not have to work so he dropped Ethan off at my parents house. Ethan stayed one night at my parents then on Saturday my friend Mindy picke dup Ethan to take him for the night. I love my family and friends, they are so good to me.
Anyways...heading to Chicago with our GPS...couldn't get there without it. We got in around 6:30pm and we had reservations at a very nice restaurant called Topolobampo. I was super excited to me going there since Rob and Erin had loved it the last time they went. We checked into your hotel (the Hyatt Regancy Chicago). It was really nice...and HUGE! It was funny because on the way to Chicago Erin had told me that they got upgraded on there room for Free. I was like no fair..I want an upgrade. When we checked in...that's what we got...YAY! Here is our room it was like a studio appartment. We thought it was hilarious that the room had a door bell. LOL It was funny when we saw Rob and Erin's room...we kept joking that it was the size of a closet. HA! It was a nice room tho. I had to start getting ready right when we got there because I knew it would take me a while to get my hair all done up.
Our room at the HyattOur room at the Hyatt

Josh and IRob and Erin

The lighting was terrible in the hotel so these are NOT the best pictures...but hey it captures the moment. It was fun. We were off to Topolobampo for dinner. A very nice Mexican cuisine. Let me tell you it was fabulous. I had Salmon, and it was delicious. It was a very expensive meal for Josh and I, but we had a great experience along with it.
I am going to leave off here because it is super late and I have to work tomorrow. But the rest of the trip will be blogged later.
Stay tuned....


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