{10 on Tuesday}


1. Summer I think is finally here in Michigan. Just the right tempuratures for me. I love the 70s. I can handle that kind of temp. YAY! Although one day like 2 weeks ago it was 99. I can not handle that...Oh it was aweful. Ethan is enjoying playing in the lil pool we got.
Ella and Ethan

2. This subject might gross you out, but hey it's my 10 on tuesday and I am doing it...LOL Ethan has had diarrhea since Saturday. He hasn't had anything since Monday at like 9am....here's to hoping it is gone....Please stay away....you are ruining his undies. (PS: I can't handle that crap, those undies go in the garbage.)

3. I did an engagement session while in Chicago, of my SIL and fiance. They are one gorgeous couple. Totally loving these pictures. HOT stuff I tell ya.
Rob and ErinRob and ErinRob and Erin
They are just gorgeous, aren't they? I totally love that first photo of them. I told her I was going to get that printed large and put in my house I loved it so much. HA! Okay so I wouldn't do it super large. But I just love how fierce she looks in that photo.

4. My brother and his girlfriend live in California, and they are having a baby in October. I am super excited. His name is going to be Tyler Jacob. Love it. I am looking online for flights to POSSIBLY visit when the baby is born. But we will see.
Jake and Jessica

5. Why O Why am I staying up so late these days. Geesh. I need to get my beauty sleep. This is crazy insane. It is almost 1am.

6. Potty Trained....YES! That is what Ethan IS! Super excited about it. WHOO HOO Ethan

7. Not to mention lil boys undies are super cute. HA! I know I am weird. But I think they are fun. Bugs, cars, dinosaurs, soccor balls...and no I don't like the character undies....I won't buy those. LOL Oh wait I lied...I did buy one set of CARS undies.

8. The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier...yikes...it is huge
Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

9. Ethan's toy room. I had a thought of doing something with the wall to the left. The play room

This is what I really want to do below: I saw this one a bloggy friend's blog a while back and can't stop thinking how cool it is.....Hissyfits Photography - this girl has made skills in decorating and and eye for detail, not to mention a great photographer.


I wouldn't do the same colors, but I totally love this idea and I think it would look great in the toy room.

10. If anyone has any suggestions on things to review for SIMPLE please contact me at jaimepott.simple@gmail.com Would love to hear what you all wanna see reviewed.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


Gillian said...

Love this post...so many diverse things to read about...Love the engagement pix and I love the idea for the toy room.

Drea said...

When Taite has the runnies... I put him in a pull up. Taites been trained long enough that when awake if he can help it he wont pee or poop in them.. but if he cant make it to the potty.. he will be ok :) and ill save money on undies HAHA.
Give ethan some bananas. That helps Taite stay regular.

Kate said...

LOVE the new header. Love it! BTW...under my 1st post on SIMPLE (the burpcloths) people put what they'd like to see reviewed. Feel free to steal some ideas. ;)

Aura said...

Congratulations on being successful potty training your son and also on the new baby soon to be born in your family. You captured some very special pictures of the beautiful couple. Love the one with the green vine!

Awdrey said...

LOVE your photos, as always. Is that poo in the pool?

Etsy Love!

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