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together 10 years. married 6 years.
Josh, words can't express the love I have for you. I love that you make me laugh. I love how patient you are with me. I love that you are there for me. I love our life together, I couldn't have ask for anything better, and I wouldn't change it for the world. You are everything to me. I know our road ahead will be ever better then road we have already traveled. I LOVE YOU!

josh and I in Mexicojosh and I in Mexico
Few cute pictures of us at the resort in Mexico.
josh and I in Mexico
This is where we took our first vacation. All-inclusive trip to Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar Resort in Mexico. We totally loved this place and hope to go back some day.

josh and I - 2003
This is my absolute favorite wedding picture from our day. I love it! Wish I would have gotten it quite large. Only got an 8x10. Bummer. And just a few more from our wedding.
josh and I - 2003 josh and I - 2003Josh and i 2009
Just a few recent ones of us. We has this thing going where we were going to take a picture of us every year in July...that didn't last long. We did it for a couple years and then it kind of died off. We should really start it up again. It is fun to look back on photos of the ones you love.
Josh and I
Happy Anniversary babe. I love you!


designHER Momma said...

you guys look great! We just went to that exact resort this past October. It is beautiful and amazing...

Gillian said...

Lovely shots. I love your wedding gown...

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! Wish you guys the best and hope you have a wonderful day celebrating. Love ya!

Jaime said...

Thanks everyone. Really Emily? I loved that place. So fun and nice. Best one I have been to so far!

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary Jaime!! Thank you so much for sharing all those old pictures!

Here's to many more wonderful years together :)

Sweet Irie said...

Look how beautiful you looked on your big day!!! You guys are so cute together! :)

Aura said...

Happy Anniversary!!It was great seeing these pictures. I especially love the wedding picture.

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