10 on Tuesday


1. I like 10 on tuesday because it lets me say alot of little things that have been going on in our lives. so here goes...

2. ETHAN IS POTTY TRAINED!! Isn't that fabulous. He has been for about 2 months now. Super excited about it. And we are almost potty trained thru the night too. He actually woke up twice to ask to go potty. Progress.

3. Ethan goes to the neighbors while I am at work and they made cookies yesterday. Oatmeal raisin. Sent some home with Ethan last night. Quite a few too. Josh had some after dinner and then I go down stairs this morning and there is ONE left. He ate the rest for breakfast.

4. Christie and I did a wedding a couple weeks ago over in Detroit. I just realized I never shared pictures from this...so here are a couple.


5. In October, my parents along with Ethan and I are hoping on a plane to California to see Jake and Jessica. She is due October 24th. We leave the 20th and come back the 30th. I am super excited. Plus my moms side of the family lives in california too so we will get to have a small family reunion. I can't wait.
Rob and Erin

6. I am in a wedding coming up on Sept 26th, Josh's sister. I am really excited. It should be a ton of fun. All the details are coming together. I need to start tanning too...I have horrible tan lines and we are wearing a strapless dress so that will not look good.

7. Since Ayden's, our nephew, birthday is 4 days after Ethan's we are going to have a joint birthday party. The theme is going to be monkeys. I can't wait...It will be so cute.

8. Check out the recent reviews on SIMPLE:
Starbucks Ice Cream - 8/19
Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair - 8/27
Laptop Lunch

9. Ethan plays racing games better then I do. Here is a video of him playing a racing game on my phone.

ethanandbrayden copy10. This is Brayden and Ethan. Brayden's mom was watching Ethan up until a couple weeks ago. She had her baby yesterday and her name is Annalyse. I can't wait to meet her.


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