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Why do I feel like I have no clue what to blog about? That is odd. I do have alot going on here in the Pott household. After my day of editing photos with a horrible headache, I am now sitting in bed with Josh watching Watchman. Well let's just say I am not watching it....Josh is, I am listening and not intrigued. I did watch Twilight again today. Totally love that movie. I could watch it everyday. Something about a teenage vampire you in. hehe

I have been busy with photography. I seem to be getting busier. YAY! Totally what I wanted.
I work part time right now in a doctor's office and I totally keep praying to get busier so I can quit that job. Prayer has to work. So if anyone feels the need to pray...please pray for me.

Ethan is now going to be going to a friends while I am at work. My friend Marie is going to have her baby next month and needs time to prepare. Ethan is sure going to miss his buddy Brayden. We will definately have to do playdates. I also can't wait to see their new baby girl when she arrives. Plus I am lucky enough to be their photographer.

I am bummed that I haven't been taking any photos of Ethan lately....I am not sure why. I will have to change that this week.

I am also super excited that my hubby bought me the vertical battery grip for my D300. It is fantastic. I love it. He also bought me a huey color correction gadget for my moniter. Let me tell you that is fantabulous as well. I love my hubby.

If you know of any Seniors that are graduating in 2010, send them my way...would love to get more seniors under my belt. hehehe

I know all of this is just random...but hey that's how I am right now...totally random.


Andrea said...

I understand finding yourself in a blogging funk. Been there! It's summer..relax and do what comes natural :)

And I'm so happy to see you getting more busy with photography. I'll be praying that this grows and you can quit your day job! I have a feeling it's around the corner :)

Kate said...

I think Edward Cullen is graduating in 2010. If you do his senior pics let me know - I'll be your assistant. ;) tee hee

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