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dad and jake cooking breakfast
Jessica is so excited about family being here and we are excited to be here visiting. Dad is making the most amazing meals for us. It was so cute Ethan had to be in the kitchen while Jake and Dad were making breakfast yesterday morning. Below is a picture of Jessica and her Dad, John. They haven't seen each other in 5 years so it was exciting for her to have him come out to visit and to see Baby tyler is he ever comes.
Everyday we decide what we are going to do. I have several things I would like to do while I am here in California. I would love to go to Lake Tahoe, San Fransicso and Yosemite. We will be doing these adventures mostly next week. Right now we are waiting for Tyler to come and visit us here in our world instead of in mommy's womb.
Jessica and John
  Ethan being cute on the counter while breakfast was being made. ethan


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