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We headed to Chicago after I got out of work on Monday night. We stayed the night there because our flight was at 8:30am and it wouldn't have been fun to drive that morning. We got up at 6am on Tuesday to catch our flight.
blog1Let me tell you what a pain it is to have to go thru the security. You have to just about take off all your clothes....well not really but it seems like it. You have to take laptops out of your bags and cameras....that's a pain. Plus I had a carseat and several other things to carry. Then my mom gets stopped because she has an artifical hip....oh that was fun. Let me tell you people behind us were NOT happy because we held up the line with all of our stuff.

Just a side story here...while we were standing in line to get to the security check point, there was 2 ladies and a child in front of us. Well Ethan had coughed and those 2 ladies turned around and had this horrifying look on their face and just glared at Ethan and then me and proceeded to move forward as far as they could. Are you kidding me? For real....that was sooo rude. I was so mad at that point. I was going to say something but I didn't. They acted like he just coughed in their face. Oh some people.

We finally make it thru all of the check points and make it to the plane. Ethan was super excited to get on the plane he couldn't wait. He asked me every second if he could get on the plane. So cute. While on the plane I tried to keep Ethan as occupied as much as I could of the 4 hour and 30 minute flight. He did really well. He watch a bit of a movie on the laptop, playing with his iphone and played with his cars. He did have to outbursts while on the plane, but it wasn't too bad. He really wanted to get out of his carseat. He wasn't liking being in there too much. So 5 minutes before we land..I look over and he is OUT. I was like...are you kidding me? I couldn't believe it. So we waited til everyone was off the plane to get him out. We then headed to get our baggage. When we reach the baggage claim area we saw these awesome statue's I guess you would call it of luggage. So fun.


Look at how cool this was. I didn't think it was real at first...I just love all the different bags and colors. So very antique pieces in there. Ethan really loved it too he just stood there staring at it for a while.

We got all of our luggage very easy. Thank goodness. Then we waited for my brother to come and get us. Jessica couldn't come because there wouldn't be enough room in the car for all of us. So she stayed at the house. My dad, Ethan and I squeezed in the back of the Xterra. Ethan had the most room because of his carseat.

We made it to Jake and Jessica's at about 1:15pm. We were super tired by this point. We got lunch/dinner and then I took a nap.

Day 2 - Snapped this before we were off to Jessica's doctor's appt. She is sooo cute...Look at her belly. Hoping to get some pictures of her tonight. So the info on her doctor's appt, no luck with dialating or efacing. Nothing is going on at all. I am praying that she has the baby before we leave. I will be so bummed. So please pray that she does.

While we were at the doctor's appt Papa and Ethan were playing DDO....Papa introduced this to him....they were getting the spiders...so cute!
It was so cute Ethan loves to look at catalogs so he wanted Jessica to look at them with him. It was adorable.. I caught a couple pictures of them.

Also bummed that my cousin Sarah and her family can not come to visit us this weekend because her daughter Zoe has the Swine flu. I have not meet her twins before and was looking forward to it. I hope she gets better real soon.

Something off the subject I wanted to share. This was emailed to me as a forward and I thought it was perfect. I totally believe this right now.

There comes a point in your life when you realize:
Who matters,
Who never did,
Who won't anymore...
And who always will.
So, don't worry about people from your past,there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.


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